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Lead-acid storage battery
Valve regulated lead-acid battery for cycle-use

FCP series


  • Longer life storage battery for cycle applications
  • PSOC(Note1) is also available
  • Unit structure and multiple superimposed loading is available
  • Excellent maintainability (Electrolyte maintenance is not required)

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FCP series


  • Renewable energy sector
  • Wind power/Solar power generation
  • Peak shift, load leveling
  • Repetitive charge and discharge application
  • Others

Expected life (Cycle life)

  • Approximately 4200 cycles (25℃, DOD 70%)

This is an expected value based on our recommended use condition, and different from a guaranteed value.

Guidelines Table

Type Nominal voltage (V) 10 hrs. rateCapacity (Ah) Nominal energy capacity (Wh) External dimensions (Approx. mm) Weight(Approx. kg) Maximum current Operating temperature range (℃)
Height Width Length Charge Discharge
FCP-500 2 500 1000 508 172 166 41 0.2C10A 0.4C10A 0~40
FCP-1000 2 1000 2000 508 172 303 75

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