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Classification table Stationary alkaline storage battery

Classification table

The alkaline storage battery has many excellent characteristics in such as large current discharge, low temperature and long life and has been adopted in various fields.

There are two types based on the electrode plate structure, one is a pocket type and the other is sintered type; it is possible to select each of the types. The pocket electrode plate makes excellent the storage battery in mechanical strength, due to a small box (a pocket) made of perforated thin steel plate filled with active material and conductive auxiliary material. The sintered electrode plate, which is filled with active material in the fine pores of the porous base made by sintering nickel powders in reducing atmosphere, configures the excellent storage battery in high rate discharge and low temperature characteristics.

The stationery alkaline storage battery is classified as follows based on the characteristics of structure and electrode plate type.

  Vent type Catalyst plug typeVent type
Pocket type
Sintered type
  Seal type
Sintered type

The alkaline storage batteries; the optimum storage battery can be selected depending on the application and loading time.

Storage battery
Characteristics of the load Large current of loads in short time Comparatively large current loads in short time Combined loads for a long time and for a short time Comparatively small current and long time loads
Guides of a suitable load time Within 20 min. From 15 to 45 min. From 30 to 90 min. More than 90 min.
Applications UPS, Engine starting, Emergency lighting, Equipment operation UPS, Equipment operation, Instrumentation, Control, Emergency lighting Emergency lighting, Operation, Instrumentation, Control Emergency lighting, Operation, Communication, Instrumentation, Control

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