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Solar power generation systems for industrial use

Reduce CO2 by electric power generation using clean natural energy.

Solar power generation system, which converts the energy of sunlight into electricity by solar battery cells, is the system to generate electricity and supply to loads.
Different from the power generation using fossil fuels, CO2 is not occurred in the power generation process.


  • Contribution to Global environment.
    Different from the power generation using fossil fuels, CO2 is not occurred in the power generation process; therefore it is a clean natural energy.
  • Image-up of companies.
    The promotion of CO2 reduction by introducing the solar power generation system, can contribute to the image-up of social responsibility which is being sought to companies.
  • Contribution to the community.
    According to the introduction of the public and industrial solar power generation system, it can be expected effects such as dissemination of information to local residents, environmental awareness enlightenment education for children.
  • Easy maintenance.
    Deferent from the engine generator, the solar power generation has no moving parts and it is a maintenance easy system.

System types

The solar power generation system is roughly classified to a cooperation type system and an independent type system. The storage batteries are mainly used to the independent type systems.

Independent type

This is the system to supply electricity, generated only by solar battery, to the loads without using the electric power of the power company.

This system needs storage batteries to store the generated electricity. The batteries repeat the daily charge and discharge, and then those are distinguished from ordinary batteries.

System diagram

System diagram

Storage battery

As the independent type repeats daily charge and discharge, so the dedicated control valve type lead-acid storage battery, suitable to cycle use, is used.

Photo of Storage battery
Photo of Storage battery

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